Ulkeröds Bus

Getting to Ulkeröds Gård through our magical countryside has become a whole lot easier. Book a seat on Ulkeröds Bus and leave the car at home.

Ulkeröds Bus calls at stops according to the timetable and at specified stops.

The same is true of the homeward journey.

Return travel costs SEK 250/person Tickets must be purchased in advance for all events and concerts. During each concert evening at Ulkeröds Loge, Ulkeröds Bus operates according to the following timetable.

Route 1

Uddevalla – Bohusläns Museum  18.00

Uddevalla – MyWook  18.10 Uddevalla – Torp Park and Ride 18.20

Munkedal – Station  18.35 Stale – Tempo 18.40

Hedekas – Torget  19.10

Ulkeröds Gård  19.20

Homeward journey 01.45

Route 2

Kungshamn towards Hovenäset (Todderöd) 17.00 Kungshamn – Wedel 17.10 Smögen – Ankaret 17.20 Väjern – Bus station 17.30 Hunnebostrand – Bus station 17.40 Bovallstrand – School bus stop 17.50 Dingle – Rosahuset 18.10 Ulkeröds Gård 18.45 Homeward journey 01.30

The timetables give approximate times. Advance purchase only