In 2018 we started out with four concerts at Ulkeröds Loge. On stage were Jack Vreeswijk, Janne Schaffer, Pepperland (an excellent Beatles cover band) and Ebbot Lundberg. In 2019 we continued with Rydell & Quick, Kalle Moraeus and Torrvrål, Tomas Andersson Wij and Mauro Scocco, Janne Schaffer with his Music Story, and Patrik Isaksson. We ended the year with Haaks. In 2020, Ulkeröds Loge was visited by Uno Svenningsson, Jennifer Brown and Patrik Isaksson, Andreas Johnson and, last but not least, Shirley Clamp. Our concert programming obviously takes the ongoing pandemic into consideration. Each performance is therefore limited to 50 people. It has also become apparent that there are a lot of people who would like to eat at Ekbacken Restaurant before the show. In light of this, this year’s concerts will also include a show menu. Our head chef has put together a three-course barbecue sharing menu that is included in the show ticket. To round off the evening, enjoy something nice to drink – the bar at Logen will remain open after the concert. Stay at the farmstead and enjoy our farmstead breakfast after a wonderful night’s sleep. Book our Show Package with accommodation. On concert evenings Ekbacken Restaurant will open at 17.00. We want to make sure you get there on time so you can take your time and enjoy your meal before heading down to Ulkeröds Loge to enjoy the evening’s concert. The bar at Ulkeröds Loge will be open. Here you can order drinks to take along to your seat. All events and concerts are available only through pre-booking.

Images of performances at Ulkeröds Loge from previous years

Shirley Clamp 29 August 2020

Andreas Johnson 1 August 2020

Uno Svenningsson 9 July 2020