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Located in north-eastern Bohuslän is Ulkeröds Gård, a stunningly situated farm with a history stretching back to the 17th century. Everything is suffused with an organic mindset. There are a first-rate restaurant and a countryside hotel offering a dining experience and stay inspired by the beautiful surroundings. It is also possible to arrange for big parties, host conferences, hunt, cook game, earn your hunting licence and shoot clay pigeons on Sweden’s foremost clay pigeon range.


Our ambition at Ekbacken Restaurant is to offer food that is more than just delicious. Our menu changes with the seasons and the availability of local produce. The guiding idea is that everything should be free from additives. While we grow most of our own produce, we also work with neighbouring farms. This gives us access to the very best seasonal produce and enables us to maximise the taste and experience of our food. We always have access to game and offer a variety of dishes cooked with the game available at Ulkeröds Gård.


At Ulkeröds Gård, we raise lambs that range freely in our open pastures. The lambs graze on caraway, mustard, white clover, English plantain, and other forage, which gives the meat a great flavour. Our breeds of sheep are Texel and Gotland. We also have a deer enclosure on the grounds so as to offer fantastic locally produced game for the restaurant. In the farm shop, you can find both sheepskin products and top quality game from the surroundings.


The landscape is billowy, beautiful and varied – a patchwork of forests, lakes, rocky hillocks, fields, meadows and pastures. The fresh air, scents and quiet make it easy to unwind and disconnect from the stress of daily life. There are opportunities for conferences, large parties, weddings, hunting licence training, game cooking, hunting arrangements and clay pigeon shooting on Sweden’s foremost clay pigeon range. The location is ideal for those who seek a little seclusion without having to travel too far, only about an hour’s journey from Gothenburg and almost as close to Oslo. Welcome.


If you’d like more information about Ulkeröds Gård, give us a call on 0046 524 620 50, or send us an e-mail with your enquiry.